The Lab

'The Drop In'

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1 Week Lab Access

£60 per week (VAT inclusive)

Join The Lab with our casual weekly membership and connect with like-minded creative individuals. The 'Drop In' offers access to the Coffee Lab café below and communal area with super fast WiFi plus a complimentary daily coffee and discounted rates on Coffee Lab food and drinks with the ability to bring 1 guest per week. You can also book our on-site meeting room. This package is aimed at the individual that wants to step upstairs to join our co-working space for shorter durations.  

Deposit Requirements

We require a mandatory £50 deposit fee per membership, this is to ensure a position on our ever-growing network of members and to ensure against any damage and/or lost items within The Lab. Simply contact your Lab Host for instructions on how to pay once you've signed up. The full amount will be returned to you when you give notice on your membership and all outstanding fees have been paid.